Losing your sight can be challenging.

In Scotland there is estimated to be over 180,000 people living with significant sight loss with this number set to rise by 2030. 

Sight loss can be caused by a variety of conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and cataracts. Different eye conditions will result in different difficulties. Some people will not be able to read but can get about quite easily. Others will see everything as a blur. Few people actually see nothing at all. 

As we depend on our vision to do many everyday tasks, sight loss can make these tasks harder. Acknowledging and coming to terms with sight loss can be upsetting and it is sometimes the emotional aspects of sight loss that are even more daunting than the practical aspects. 

Here at VisionPK we are here to support you to meet the challenges whatever they are for you. 

We provide 1:1 rehabilitation sessions to ascertain the best ways that you can manage your condition and continue to live your life the way you want to.

One of our professional and friendly team will visit you to discuss equipment that you might find useful, adaptations that can improve your life and benefits that you may be entitled to – to name but a few.

It’s quick and easy to access our services. Either give us a call on 01738 626 969, contact us via Contact Scotland BSL or email us info@visionpk.org.uk. You can also click here to fill out our online referral form, or if you prefer, you can also print a copy to complete and return

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