What does it mean that someone is registered blind?

Being ‘registered’ simply means that you’re on a register held by the council that lists all those who are blind or visually impaired in their area.

It’s entirely voluntary which is why there are more people with a vision impairment than the register would suggest. There are benefits to registering as blind or vision impaired.

You can access and be referred to services to help with your sight loss.

It’s also much easier to get benefits and concessions when you’re part of the register.

Can I still drive if I only have some vision loss / loss of vision in one eye?

This will depend if you meet the standards of vision for driving as set out by the DVLA  and so long as your doctor or optician hasn’t stated your sight prohibits you from driving. For more information, speak to your doctor, optician or visit the DVLA website.

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