Hearing loss is common – it affects 12 million people in the UK.  

Hearing loss can happen gradually and you might not be aware of it. Some common signs are turning up the TV or struggling to follow a conversation. There are different causes of hearing loss. Age related hearing loss is the single biggest cause of hearing loss. 

If you or someone you know is deaf or has a hearing loss you’ll be amazed by how many ingenious products are available to help you. There are many devices to help you maintain your independence and carry on doing all the things you love, including: 

  • Conversation amplifiers
  • Products for listening to the TV
  • Flashing doorbells
  • And much more …

Some products wilhelp you get the most from your hearing aid, whilst others can provide assistance in situations where hearing aids are less effective. 

To be referred to our hearing loss service, you MUST have been issued with and wear a working hearing aid.

It’s quick and easy to access our services. You can click here to visit our referrals page. For more information you can call us on 01738 626 969, contact us via Contact Scotland BSL  or email us info@visionpk.org.uk

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