As the number of people living with a sensory loss increases, it has become even more important that businesses and individuals have a better understanding and awareness of sensory loss to ensure they remain accessible and informed.

Our sensory loss awareness sessions aim to provide information and advice about sensory loss, allowing participants to gain confidence in relating to people with a sensory impairment.

You’ll find out about different eye conditions, get an insight into what it’s like to have a hearing loss, what equipment can help and also how you can help.

Experience being guided as well as how to guide someone who has a sight loss. You’ll also be able to hear about the experiences of people who are living with a sensory loss.

“Really good informative session in a relaxed environment that encouraged questions”


“Made me more aware of the challenges facing clients who have sight or hearing loss….very informative”


If you would like to arrange a bespoke training session for your group or organisation, please contact us.

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