The Kiltwalk is back!

3 kiltwalkers and a guide dogs posing with their medals

There’s a little under 2 weeks until the Kiltwalk – Scotland’s premier fundraising event, raising much needed money for charities across the country.

Since 2016, Kiltwalk participants have raised £16.5 million and The Hunter Foundation have added £8.5 million – that’s a total of £25 million for over 2,000 charities.

In 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, the Kiltwalk went virtual, allowing people to choose their own course and challenge. Our wonderful Team VisionPK raised over £7,000 in that event alone. To say that we were thrilled is underselling just how grateful we were. That money goes straight towards helping people in Perth & Kinross who are blind, partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing.

This time round the Kiltwalk is back to an in-person event with Glasgow hosting the first live Kiltwalk in 2 years on the 26th September, 2021.

For those who haven’t yet signed up – there’s still time! And we’ve got a fantastic late-bird offer for you. Sign up now and raise funds for VisionPK, and we’ll pay your entry fee for you. Just call us or email for more details.


And if you’re already signed up and busy raising money for us – thank you – and here are some tips for you to make the most of your fundraising and Kiltwalking experience.

  1. Use as many different methods of fundraising as you can. You can set up an online fundraising page at, start a fundraiser for VisionPK on Facebook at, get a collecting can, or get your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to sponsor your walk.
  2. Dress up when you’re out and about practising and preparing for your Kiltwalk. Get yourself a t-shirt with the address to your fundraising page on it – or carry a collecting can (please be very careful if doing this and don’t go out alone!) to raise money while you train.
  3. Prepare for blisters! Whether you’re training or at the event itself, be sure to carry some plasters and a blister kit in your bag. And be sure to wear your comfortable old trainers, rather than a shiny new pair.
  4. Hydrate to feel great. Keep a bottle of water for yourself handy during all walks. And if you’re walking with a guide dog, take some for them, too, especially if it’s going to be a nice day.
  5. Protect yourself from the sun. Yes, even in Scotland. And yes, even if the weather’s overcast. Slap on some suntan lotion and at the very least, you’ll smell of the summer!
  6. Bring snacks. This is a good rule for life in general – but during a Kiltwalk you might be so caught up in the excitement and entertainment that you don’t have time to grab a proper lunch – so take some food and nourishment in your bag to keep you going throughout the day.


If you’re walking for us – or one of our charity friends – we wish you all the best. Have a great day and thank you so much for all you do for us. Good luck!