Rehabilitation Services

Our rehabilitation services are provided by qualified Rehabilitation Officers who have specialist knowledge and skills in supporting people who are visually impaired. Through personal assessments, individuals’ goals are identified and support provided to assist them to reach those goals. These could be things like going to their local shop independently, making a meal, pouring a drink safely or writing their own Christmas cards.

Orientation and mobility

Mobility training is a key role of our rehabilitation officers. Getting out and about independently, safely and with confidence can become more difficult if you have a significant visual impairment. With advice, training and the provision of a suitable mobility aid such as a symbol cane or long cane, getting out and about becomes possible.

Independent Living Skills

VisionPK provides support and training to assist people living with sight loss to continue to live independent lives. We can help people learn skills and use different techniques to cook, manage personal care and carry out general household tasks. We can introduce and provide training in the use of aids and equipment that are easier to see, have tactile controls or have speech output (for example talking clocks and talking microwaves).

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